The cocoa dominican republic from the hand of Isidoro de la Rosa

It is impossible to think of cocoa and not remember the Dominican Republic. This is one of the benchmarks in terms of cocoa production worldwide, whose production and exports, is growing year after year. It is certainly good news, both for their farmers, since they have more work every year, and for the other countries that we are the ones that benefit from its properties and is that Dominican cocoa is incomparable to others, because of its high quality.

This cocoa is grown on the basis of organic farming techniques, which makes the Dominican Republic one of the most important countries that take into account the great European chocolate makers, since those looking for a quality cocoa for their products, finish for coming to look for him here.

In fact, several varieties of chocolate are being obtained, to which different properties are added to the cocoa, such as certain fruits, which combined with the large plantations of the country, allows to enjoy a completely different and exclusive, thanks to the combination of aromas, refined within this chocolate.

Cocoa, rich in vegetable oils

In addition to being good, cocoa has great nutritional properties that are beneficial to the body. In this way, in addition to consuming a really tasty product, we are contributing everything we need to our diet. To achieve this, cocoa is a food rich in vegetable oils, which serve to protect the central nervous system, significantly improving both physical and mental perception.

All these benefits, make cocoa used in a large number of products, not only food dedicated to consumption, but also frequent to see them in different pharmaceutical products, for therapeutic, medicinal or for example in Cosmetics.

All this, causes cocoa production to soar, because there is increasing demand and that is why the Dominican Republic is growing more and more in crops as the years go by. A country that has the necessary tools to promote one of the highest quality cocoa productions of the whole land and is increasingly in demand by all sectors.

However, despite this increase in demand, it is important to note that it is an organic cocoa. That it is organic, means that it has the organic certification, which guarantees that it is carried out through a procedure with which, it is guaranteed that the origin of this cocoa and the equipment used during this process, do not damage the environment. This prevents deforestation and ensures environmental integrity, so that the country can continue to produce cocoa in a non-harmful way.

All this is regulated by an organism in 1980, so it has been producing cocoa organically for more than 30 years and today, there are more than 10,000 cocoa producers in the Dominican Republic that has organic producers.

Despite the introduction of these means of harvesting in which more care is taken with the environment, it has not reduced the quality of cocoa at all and to this day, it continues to reap different awards all over the world. Proof of this is that chocolates that earn distinctions as the best chocolates in the world or of the year, are made with this Dominican cocoa and are increasingly in demand by the high European pastry companies that seek to offer a quality plus in their thanks to the special quality of this Dominican cocoa.

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