Impact and Contribution of CONACADO to the Dominican Economy

At the beginning of this 21st century, the Dominican Republic was the 3rd cocoa producer and exporter of America and the 8th. of the world. We increased our exports from an average of 30,000 tons in the 70/80s to 72,601 metric tons equivalent to US$ 195,242,559 for the 2018-19 harvest. 97% is exported in Grain, 3% em Cacao Derivatives is (cocoa butter, cocoa powder and/or cocoa, cake, liquor and chocolates) 42% Cocoa is exported organic.

Domestic exports types of cocoa

Overall, exports of conventional and organic cocoa increased from 2012-13 to 2013-14.  Thus conventional cocoa rose from 38,322 to 42,559 metric tons and organic cocoa remained almost the same, i.e. 25,262 and 25,415 tonnes for each harvest respectively.

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