The history of the cacaocultura in Dominican Republic

Cocoa is one of the most important products in the Dominican Republic. Not in vain, drink a good part of the country's exports and is one of the largest producers in the world. Despite the fact that today, we are talking about that is a by-product to the rise, where every time to increase beyond their exploitation and, therefore, reaches more places in the world, the Dominican Republic is a good example of the culture of the cocoa.

The climatic conditions of the Republic, the giving of qualities, magnificent which enable become this great producer that is because the cocoa is originally from the Amazon in South america and spread throughout the continent up to Mexico. These cacao trees, growing in the shade of the tropical forests for thousands of year and the first crops known, dating back about 1000 years before Christ. Formerly, he was a product of noble, as these were the only ones who consumed it and it was also used in religious rites.

For the Maya, cacao symbolized physical vigor and longevity, and when Hernán Cortés discovered and knew of the importance of the same, seeing that it was used even as a currency, began to export for commercial purposes and began to occur plantations throughout the caribbean.

The cocoa was used both for religious rites as to use monetary

In the Dominican Republic, cocoa has always had a special importance, as the cultivation of traditional way of the same, has been one of the major sources of income for the country. In 1940, the Dominican Republic was already a producer prominent in cocoa, exporting quantities in excess of 25,000 tons, an authentic outrage.

At present, these exports will continue to rise with the passage of time and the forecasts aim to double this production in ten years, monopolizing virtually all export to the global level. Today, the Dominican Republic has a surface area harvested in cocoa 2.4 million, which represents a 9.5% of the forested area of the country, so that you can understand that the entire culture of the same turn around to the cocoa.

These productions, they are spread all over the country and in the regions of the northeast are more than 60% of the same as the area planted. Despite the fact that in the other regions there are also plantations, you're already remain somewhat smaller, though still present, both in the central region, as in the north and in the east.

The cacaocultura

With an entire country that revolves around the cocoa, it is common to find a lot of products that have the same, other than the typical chocolates. The cocoa is a product with very good properties, that has more purposes than food, since it can also be found in cosmetics and even in some elements, for therapeutic purposes.

In this case, it is common to find a series of objects that pay homage to this cocoa-based forms created by using the same, or preparations with a basis of lard, products obtained directly from processing the cocoa.

On this basis, the most frequent is usually to use it for baking, where every time are more people interested in the realization of all kinds of chocolates with this cocoa natural, eager to be able to show in exhibitions of their works of art, cocoa and be able to share with others, how they have managed to get the taste necessary, one of the most important, of the Dominican Republic.

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