The development of the Cacaocultura

The cocoa is part of the culture of the Dominican Republic. We are talking about a country, which is one of the largest exporters of cocoa to the global level and which has every time more producers of the same in the country. The benefits of cocoa, they have always been there but has been with the passage of time, where they have come to know more benefits of the same and where also, we have been perfecting techniques, getting for example a cocoa more organic.

The cocoa is organic, it ensures that both its origin and its extraction, is not harmful to the environment. In this way, we are making cocoa a sustainable product, something that is really important, especially as more and more countries and companies that are major importers of this cocoa, especially in those who are looking for a quality cocoa and as cocoa of the dominican republic, there is no other.

In this sense, cocoa is a great source of resources for the country and that the culture around the same, develops, makes expectations in terms of their crop for the next few years will be quite interesting. In this way, it is expected that you can get to double the quantities exported, during the next ten years, which will entail a fee quite important for cocoa farmers dominican.

The development of the cacaocultura, affects positively to the production of cocoa in the Dominican Republic

The cocoa favors in the Dominican Republic to more than 40,000 people who are in charge of growing it. Therefore eat a good amount of the population and not in the strict sense of the word.

In addition, the cultivation of cocoa combat deforestation, as to the conditions necessary to be able to grow, it is necessary to have a large clump of trees that can be grown in the shade. In this sense, the predators of the forest, you feel less motivated to do away with the trees, due to the impact so negative that it could have on the cultivation of cocoa.

Every time there is more products that they want to incorporate the cocoa as one of their ingredients, either to provide a particular flavor in the appearance or culinary for a property beneficial to the health of any cosmetic, makes it interesting to try to create more crops and promote the same within the Dominican Republic.

Many of these crops, begin to become obsolete and end up getting a lower performance than may be offering. In this sense, to revolve around all this culture from the cocoa, on the basis of a modernization of these cultures or have different techniques, that allows to obtain the cocoa, always in a sustainable or organic, as it is currently regulated, will allow increasingly more families can live thanks to the cocoa.

The cocoa dominican republic is one of the most quality in the world. This is something also that takes advantage on the basis of the creation of these crops, since more and more large european firms that they want to tell with this cocoa of origin dominican, with the aim of being able to offer a differentiating aspect to their products and count on the quality obtained in this cocoa in particular.

In short, a great quality and the increase of the production due to the demand, are the great pillars on which rotates the cacaocultura in the Dominican Republic, a country with a natural resource privileged, enjoyed all over the world.

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