Project of cocoa in the Dominican Republic continues to grow

The Dominican Republic is one of the countries concerning cocoa cultivation. We are facing one of the largest producers in the world and where thanks to this production and the large amount of work it generates, more and more families can live on cocoa.

The importance in this cocoa crop goes beyond the good expectations for its workers and is that it places the Dominican Republic as one of the leading countries in terms of the export of organic products, having almost 60% of the global export volume, figures with which the country can be proud.

All of this is because cocoa exports have grown by 322% over the past decade, leading to these very important figures, and despite this continued growth, forecasts remain rising for the next few years. In fact, we aim to duplicate this data over the next ten years.

That is why the cocoa project in the Dominican Republic continues to grow and it is estimated that with this growth, over the years, it can reach a value of about $500 million in terms of its exports.

Dominican Republic, spreads cocoa around the world

Part of the success of these exports, is how great the business is and is that cocoa, in addition to liking everyone, can be used as an ingredient in a lot of things, both for gastronomy, as for cosmetic or medicinal use.

In this regard, the United States is one of the leading claimants of Dominican cocoa, followed by holland, Belgium, Mexico and Spain among others. In order to meet all this demand for cocoa, currently in the Dominican Republic, we find that there are around 150,000 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of cocoa, of which are in charge of some 40,000 producers, in approximately 36,000 registered farms.

The big numbers in this regard are a clear reflection of the importance of cocoa in this country and to its workers. However, there are also some negative effects that need to be addressed, and even more so when the forecast is that exports will continue to rise.

Some problems to deal with

First of all, some of the farms, I am not very productive in terms of profitability. In this sense, it takes a considerable investment of resources to be able to make them more effective in order to be more profitable. This investment obviously comes at a cost to its owners and can become more obvious or necessary, as exports continue to grow and much more is needed than is currently occurring.

The difference between some farms is considerable, since some small group, manages to exceed by 5% the average production limit. In this way and with this investment, it is intended that there is more uniformity in the crops.

Moreover, another problem that needs to be addressed and that is often common in all crops is usually diseases that can be devastating to cocoa. Fortunately, at the moment in the Dominican Republic there is no record of diseases such as Moniliasis or the Broom of Bruges, but there is a development project developed, which contains a prevention plan to prevent this from happening and an emergency system that carry out for the hypothetical event that this occurs.

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